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The Formation of a Private Study Group

The subject of Hellenic PAIDEIA (education) has been coming up on certain venues for a while and it has sparked an interest in the formation of a private on-line strictly adult study group later on in the year (+/- September). This study group will be neutral and have no affiliations with any organisation as a collective although individual members may obviously have whatever affiliations or associations they wish to.
To my knowledge such study groups are available at present but only to those who speak the Hellenic language and what is being proposed here differs slightly because although the subjects studied will be purely Hellenic concepts and subjects...it will be in English.

PAIDEIA is very different to the concept of teaching or being taught. It is about the inherent freedom and the right of everyone to reason things out for themselves.

A definition of PAIDEIA is as follows (from the Lexicon):
The ideal of PAIDEIA is seen as enabling people to be able to give to others the right to reason as well as the right to understand what others are saying. According to Plato, the purpose of PAIDEIA is the ARÊTE of anything that is in existence (both abstract and material) with the purpose of producing a complete and perfect citizen through knowledge of their craft and of ruling and being ruled according to the demands of DIKEO (a just act).PAIDEIA is the cultivation of a noble PSYCHE (Soul) and falls under the auspices of the God Apollon and is his divine gift to mankind.

For these reasons, the proposed study group will have no leaders or teachers and everyone will be on an equal footing as fellow students. Starting with the basic core foundation concepts of the Hellenic worldview, each member of the group will present their unique perspective on a chosen subject (with time for preparation) for the benefit of not only honing one's reason but also for sharing perspectives with others who also wish to learn and think for themselves. 

The point here is not academic rambling (although some of us will :lol: )...the point is for each participating person to integrate the knowledge personally and offer a perspective that reflects their own interests and views regardless of whether they choose to look at it through sport, art, music, philosophy, theology, needlecrafts, or any other personal activity/interest.

This invitation is not limited to those who identify themselves as 'reconstructionist' or 'traditionalist'; its aimed at anyone who may truly wish to participate. 
The only conditions of participation are: 
(a) you must be over the age of 18 (sorry, it's for legal reasons. Adult content will not be censored)
(b) you must be prepared to contribute, 
(c) you must agree to act with respect and goodwill towards others even in times of disagreement.

The first primary source text under discussion will be the Delphic Maxims which is the traditional starting point of Hellenic PAIDEIA. A new translation of the directives will be available to all participants.

If you would be interested in more information or to join with others to study and learn more individually and as a group in a structured, private, on-line, tolerant environment, free of charge; please contact me via email or on this thread.
Tags: hellenic community; delphic maxims;, hellenic polytheism

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